Sometimes you have to be your own rescue boat!

Finding My Happy explores Janet Michelle’s journey of overcoming rejection, fear, abandonment and, unforgiveness. It is an honest look at the life of a single mom determined to make it against all odds and truly find her happy!


Well done Janet Michelle. Much success to you. Janet Michelle does an outstanding job of articulating what so many women are struggling with in their day to day lives. “Finding My Happy” is not just a book, it’s a catalyst for healing. Once you read her story, you’ll be inspired to find your happy.” -Tamara D. Davis, Author of The Grace to Wait
Tamara D. Davis
Author, The Grace to Wait
“Awesome. “Who dis woman, she is me” Love it, love it. The work book section towards the end is very helpful, nice to be able to examine your thoughts and work through issues.”
Cynthia W.
“The book was really an eye opening experience to finding your happiness. I enjoyed it and have read it twice, I guess I can share it now!!” -Pamela H.
Pamela H.

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“Happiness is an inside job.”

 William Authur Ward

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