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Finding My Happy

Thanks for stopping by. Finding My Happy is the personal web space for Janet Michelle. Finding my happy did not stop after the book was written. I discovered through the publishing process  my gift.  It is to empower, uplift and inspire as many people as possible.  The book was only the beginning.   

Like many people, I downplayed my gift. Only to be reminded that my gift was meant to be shared and not hidden. I had to overcome impostor syndrome and own the fact that I have something very special on the inside of me.  I had to stop waiting for people to  select me to or anointment me because this gift is indeed God given. That’s all the selecting and anointing that I needed. 

If you follow me, then you are aware of some of the most horrific and dark moments in my life. Moment’s that were meant to break me, but became instead the bridge to my future.  When the new year 2020 came, I promised myself that I would commit to operating in my gift.  So here I am.  A single mother of three adult children,  entrepreneur, author, domestic violence survivor, and social activist.


About the Book

Finding My Happy: Chucking the Deuces to Toxic Thinking  explores my journey of  overcoming rejection, fear, abandonment, and unforgiveness. It is an honest look at my life as as a single mom determined to make it against all odds. It’s about me learning how to soar in life and live according to my standards and not the ones dictated by the harshness of life.  In it,  I share several stories with the hopes of them encouraging and empowering others. 




I know what’s it is like to pretend to be okay. To not see or know your worth.  To almost give into fear,  despair, depression and hopelessness.  To allow the harsh words of others to shape your world.   Even more so, I know what it is like to overcome all of those things and I like that story much better!  


Janet Michelle, xoxo 


Well done Janet Michelle. Much success to you. Janet Michelle does an outstanding job of articulating what so many women are struggling with in their day to day lives. “Finding My Happy” is not just a book, it’s a catalyst for healing. Once you read her story, you’ll be inspired to find your happy.”
Tamara Dubois
Author of "The Grace to Wait"
“Awesome. “Who dis woman, she is me” Love it, love it. The work book section towards the end is very helpful, nice to be able to examine your thoughts and work through issues.”
Cynthia R.
“The book was really an eye opening experience to finding your happiness. I enjoyed it and have read it twice, I guess I can share it now!!”
Pamela H.

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